In October, 2018, we launched the POSH Accelerators 12 week course... to rave reviews + results for our clients. We’re sharing the unmatched growth strategy, having scaled to nearly 1M in just under two years! And’s here!
Are you ready to eliminate the struggle of growing your business with new customers, ready to buy from you? Ready to create systems that work for you so that you can automate your income everyday? Stop winging it in your business + build the high ticket business of your dreams with The POSH Accelerator Course! It’s time to grow your brand + share your zone of genius with people who can’t wait to interact with you!
Waking up to new, targeted audiences daily who are excited about the products you have to offer them! This is people ready + willing to - and asking you - for your offers.
Having those audiences so excited to share your brand message + products with more people - doubling + quadrupling the amounts of people that you reach with each post.
Completely understanding how to create the right content for your audience with total ease, eliminating the stress of "post paralysis"; you know, the "what to post today" wheel...articulate your message so clearly each day - drawing in your perfect #dreamcustomer - thousands of them - with each post!
Getting constant DM's + notices from people who can't wait to learn more about your products + services, so excited to work with you! "It goes down in the DM's"! But how do you get them there...? We've got you! 
Curating a targeted feed that helps you reach hundreds + thousands of your dream customer each week, and bringing in new followers of hundreds or thousands from a single post...
It's not a hope or a wish. We have an exact formula + tactical strategy to help you do this. 
What will you learn in Insta For Biz?
Tactical strategies developed by 17 year successful Entrepreneur + Luxury Business Building Expert, Tori Torres. Learn to implement the simplest high-converting sales funnels for your business. Within the first 30 days, you'll understand how to start making money right away, while working on learning the other areas of your business.
Having grown multiple massive communities for ThePoshGirlsClub brand + other clients since the inception of Instagram, this is one of THE MOST complete + successful growth + audience hacking strategies online. You'll learn comprehensive strategies to grow your brand.
Uncover the daily viral strategies that send every post directly to the Discover page to reach new, targeted followers + grows ThePoshGirlsClub by thousands with each post.
Repurpose with purpose! Why are you burnt out + still not growing? You'll get the exact blueprint for scaling without burnout with the Engagement Blueprint...
Our strategies + growth hacks bring in over 25k new followers weekly to ThePoshGirlsClub Instagram alone + you’re getting the exact strategy on how it’s done!
This step by step strategy is one of a kind, and has helped our POSH Accelerator clients since opening in October 2018, and we're opening our doors with newly updated content that you will always have access to! Even as new sessions open for others! 
You are ready to commit to yourself + take control of your business. 

You are exhausted of posting consistently to just get no response or feeling stressed to post because you’re worried there won’t be any response. 

You’ve tried strategies that haven’t helped you advance and you are ready to see your growth + income increase! 

You are ready to position yourself as the thought leader + influencer you know you are meant to become. 

You’re ready to spend more productive time building your business on Instagram instead of so much time going in circles with no real progress. 

You’ve purchased tutorials + guides + maybe even one time coaching to help you, but haven’t had any real long-term success or growth. 

You’re ready to start growing without using bots, ads, paid promotions, or other ways that don’t bring you the value you’re seeking. 
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Curriculum Includes...
Bulletproof Brand Strategy; RAISE YOUR BRAND AWARENESS LEVELS to activate the three I’s of success (Impact, Income + Influence). Influence is EVERYTHING. It’s time to introduce your voice and show people exactly who you are. Together we will to create a content and highlight plan that brings your unique story, beliefs, and skill sets to the forefront of your business. Discover how to create cash converting content that calls your perfect client matches #dreamcustomers to the front of the line. Learn the exact system I use to turn once piece of great content into a 30-day campaign that grows my audience. Learn how to use the power of social media to gain national + global awareness!
CREATING YOUR GAME CHANGING BIZ PLAN The first 30 days of anything new can be challenging. We are going to remove the hidden cloud over your business by creating a solid foundation for growth and scalability. We will take this time to identify your long and short term goals and create a long range action plan. Make the shift from “I Wish” to “I Can” with my three-step goal and action plan process. Then, map out a six-figure profit plan that lights a fire in your passion and showcases your experience! Then, create a daily plan for success that pushes the needle forward on your business.
SALES SYSTEMS THAT ATTRACT, PRIME AND CONVERT RAVING FANS INTO #DREAMCUSTOMERS; Owning a highly profitable business should not require you to be chained to your laptop, tablet or cell phone. It’s time to bring the process of activating the systems that will allow you to build a strong relationship with your community + clients while enjoying the fruits of your labor. Learn how to use the internet to effectively market your business to high quality targeted leads with a custom sales funnel system that fits the business you want to own. Break up with the fear or tech overwhelm with step-by-step training videos that walk you through how to implement low tech solutions in your sales system. Discover how to use your sales funnel to overcome price objections and increase your revenue in shorter periods of time.

THE SILENT LAUNCH METHOD; Let me let you in on a little do not have to introduce or launch new products to your community repeatedly in order to consistently exceed your revenue goals. Raise anticipation of your signature products & services with an engaged waitlist system that will have your community fight to secure their spots with you once they become available. Learn how you can increase the lifetime value of your clients by 300% with this simple to implement sales strategy that will not only increase client retention... but their success rates as well.
AUTOMATED CASH FLOW SYSTEMS; Do you dream of having a business model that supports being able to turn up the dial on how much money comes in? That’s possible once you put the power of multi-tier sales funnels to work for you. You'll learn how you can support clients with an automated sales system that puts your most valuable products and services within reach. Discover and implement my step-by-step sales strategy for rewarding clients who are willing to share my message with their friends, family + followers. Implement my no-brainer low-tech sales funnel system to create $10K+ per month in passive income.

PGC Growth Hacking System; We have a unique growth-hacking system that we've used here @ThePoshGirlsClub to grow 1 million followers of our DREAM CUSTOMERS in just 2 years! It's a clean strategy that involves a unique outline where you can essentially scale your business incredibly fast, infusing the right audience, right away!
Tara came into the program having an incredible drive + business sense that worked like magic in the offline space. She just couldn't seem to get a grasp of how to transfer that success into the online, e-commerce market. The Posh Accelerator Mastermind showed her how to position her hair business online with an automation funnel that 4X'd her income in the first 6 weeks of working together. 
Steph came into ThePoshGirlsClub with no knowledge of online business whatsoever. With a Masters in Nursing, she wanted to be a resource for women and help them with the tough experiences life can throw your way- can you believe she's over 50? Something she's super proud of + shares with her audience! She's since become an Elite PGC Coach (certified), is on our council of Life Coaches, has written ebooks, hosted successful webinars, created an incredible podcast, and is on track to drive $10-$15k/month from the start - with the launch of her first Course + Community! 

Finally letting the world fully see (and pay you for) your knowledge, experience, and influence
Getting in front of THOUSANDS of people who are just waiting to be your raving fans
Becoming the go-to authority in your niche who gets referrals GALORE
Having a steady flow of sales and consistent growth-hacking in your audience

You could be having similar results...but you're still reading this page...
Now imagine how it will feel to...
Go from living launch-to-launch or driving yourself crazy with one-off clients to bringing in consistent cash that allows you to bring your affirmations to life.
Make a positive impact in the lives of others by leveraging your strengths.
Be surrounded by other goal getters who are willing to listen and support you when you are feeling out of alignment... or the money isn't coming in (like you imagined). And who'll celebrate your wins right alongside you!
If you're not quite ready for the Accelerators Course, you can ALWAYS join our Global Girl Gang + access the same learning content at a slower pace...with Coaching included here in The Socialite Society!